A query rectangle defines a multi-dimensional spatial query in Geo Engine. It consists of three parts:

  • a two-dimensional spatial bounds (and extent plus its spatial reference system),
  • a time interval,
  • a spatial resolution.

The spatial bounds behave differently for raster, vector, or plot queries. For raster queries, the spatial bounds define a spatial partition. This means the lower right corner of the spatial bounds is not included in the query. For vector queries, the spatial bounds define a bounding box, i.e., a rectangle where all bounds are included. Plot queries behave like vector queries.

Example JSON

  "spatial_bounds": {
    "upper_left_coordinate": {
      "x": 10.0,
      "y": 20.0
    "lower_right_coordinate": {
      "x": 70.0,
      "y": 80.0
  "time_interval": {
    "start": "2010-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "end": "2011-01-01T00:00:00Z"
  "spatial_resolution": {
    "x": 1.0,
    "y": 1.0