The MeanRasterPixelValuesOverTime is a plot operator that computes a time series plot of mean raster values. For each time step in the raster time series, it computes one mean value. The output is a plot in Vega-Lite specification.

For instance, you want to plot the mean temperature of a monthly raster time series. Then, you can use this operator to generate a time series plot.


ParameterTypeDescriptionExample Value
timePositionstring (start, center or end)Where should the x-axis (time) tick be positioned? At either time start, time end or in the center."start"
area(Optional) booleanWhether to fill the area under the curve. Defaults to true.false


The operator consumes exactly one raster operator.


Example JSON

  "type": "MeanRasterPixelValuesOverTime",
  "params": {
    "timePosition": "start",
    "area": true
  "sources": {
    "raster": {
      "type": "GdalSource",
      "params": {
        "data": "ndvi"