The ScatterPlot is a plot operator that computes a scatter plot over two attributes of a vector dataset. Thereby, the operator considers all data in the given query rectangle.

In case of more than 500 points to plot, the representation changes from a regular scatter plot to a 2D Histogram with buckets determined from the underlying data.


ParameterTypeDescriptionExample Value
columnXStringThe name of the attribute making up the x-axis of the plot."width"
columnYStringThe name of the attribute making up the y-axis of the plot."height"


The operator consumes exactly one vector operator.



The operator returns an error if one of the selected columns does not exist or is not numeric.


If your dataset contains infinite or NAN values, they are ignored for the computation. Moreover, if your dataset contains more than 10.000 values, the buckets of the histogram are generated based on those 10.000 values. Later values outside those bounds are ignored.

Example JSON

  "type": "ScatterPlot",
  "params": {
    "columnX": "width",
    "columnY": "height"
  "sources": {
    "vector": {
      "type": "OgrSource",
      "params": {
        "data": "ndvi"